Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fun at Great Grandma's house

On Thursday Tripp's mom, Keaton, and I went to Tripp's grandmother's house to get a sewing lesson and let Keaton spend some QT with her GREAT grandma!
I finally know how to thread a bobbin and sew a straight stitch on my machine, thanks to one of Grandma's care takers! Before the "lesson" the only thing I could do was turn the machine on. Ha!
The best part of our visit was when Tripp's grandma got down in the floor (on her own!!) to play with Keaton. No one could believe that she was able to this, but she was determined to! It was such a special moment and even though Keaton won't remember it, I hope that she will look back at the pictures and know just how much she means to her Great Grandma.

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