Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2 months (Better late than never)

Our sweet Keaton,
You turned two months old on March 18th, 2012. Every day you show more and more personality! You are our little princess and we adore and love you so very much!
You are sleeping so much better. From 11:30 to around 6 in the morning. As long as you get your bottle around 11, we are good to go. You are still sleeping in our room in your rock and play sleeper, though we plan on getting you into your crib soon.

You love to watch everyone, especially Nathan! You pay attention to his every move. You also give daddy such sweet smiles when he comes in from work. You are so personable and bring us such joy!

Love alway,
Keaton's 2 month stats

Weight: 11lbs and 5 1/2 oz (as of your 2 month appointment)
Height: 22"
Eating:4-6 oz every 3-4 hours
Clothes:0-3, some 3-6
Diapers-size 1

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