Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1 of Getting Organized and Menu Monday

All the Christmas decorations are down (minus the tree which we need to get a tote for). It always feels so sad once all the decoration are down, grant it there is a lot more room, but I miss all the lights and Christmas decoration hiding throughout the house.
In other news I started my organizing and mad cleaning spree today.  I decided to start in the kitchen, because it doesn't need any major changes (i.e. paint).  I switched some things around and cleaned out all the drawers, cleaned other the sink, organized all my cleaning supplies. I'm still not finished with it, but I love the since of accomplishment that it is making me feel.  I only hope I can stay this motivated to get the whole house into shape.

Not long ago I bought this book, needless to say I have yet to really utilize this book, but I WILL use it! I highly recommend it and I love how it breaks things down room by room.

I hope I will be able to update more on my cleaning/organizing endeavors.  I am always looking for tips and love to hear how everyone else organizes their lives so feel free to let me in on your secrets! ;)

I'm not going to lie, towards the end of the year I slacked off on my meal planning.  But I am ready to take it on again.  It really helped our family and our budget.

Monday-Easy Pork Chops, Green Beans
Tuesday-Marinated Flank Steak, broccoli
Wednesday-Dinner at Church
Thursday- Chicken noodle soup (this is a new recipe that I have never tried before)
Friday-Homemade pizza

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