Monday, February 14, 2011

Our First Giveaway!!!

Y'all I'm so excited that we are hosting our first giveaway!
And now for the prize...
If you win the drawing you will win this wonderful book by Jerramy Fine. I am so excited that Jerramy is giving us a copy for one of our lucky winners!

A little bit about Jerramy (from her website)-
Born in 1977, Jerramy Sage Fine grew up in Western Colorado along with her little brother Ezra. Although she was raised by crazy hippy parents, she still maintains there was a dreadful hospital mix-up and she was switched at birth with the baby daughter of English aristocrats. Jerramy attended the University of Rochester where she spent her semester abroad working in the House of Commons, and later completed her master’s at the London School of Economics. She now lives in London with her English boyfriend. He’s not royal, but she forgives him.

About the book-

(From Publishers Weekly)Many little girls dream of becoming a princess and finding their Prince Charming. Fine was no different and, at the age of six, traced the Windsor family tree to Peter Phillips, an English royal of her same age, and announced she would marry him. Unlike other girls, however, this dream did not fade away with adolescence. With a story line akin to a chick lit novel, her memoir follows her single-minded path to become suitable wife material for a prince, to move to England and to be swept away in a royal romance. Born to hippie parents in rural Colorado, Fine comes of age feeling out of place and escapes to the East Coast for college and then to graduate school in London. There she ingratiates herself into English social circles, eventually rubbing shoulders with Princess Anne, the Duchess of York and others. Amid her lessons in British society and the universal woes of dating, she also gains the important knowledge that the strength of one's conviction can be the strongest predictor of one's fate. Provided the reader doesn't grimace to see her determination, intelligence and grace used to pursue a man she's never met, Fine's is a charming and humorous story.

 Being a fan of the British monarchy I knew I had to get this book as soon as I saw it! I also learned that Jerramy and I had something else in common, (besides our love for British monarchy) she is a Delta Gamma too!

How to enter:
1 entry (required) Follow The Watts' Watch (or let me know you already are) and leave a comment.
1 additional entry "like" Someday My Prince Will Come by Jerramy Fine on facebook.
1 additional entry tweet about the giveaway, make sure to tell me your name on twitter.
1 additional giveaway post about the giveaway on your blog and link back in a comment
*Please let me know in your comment how many entries you get. 
There is a chance for four total entries!!!
Giveaway ends on Sunday night (2-20-11)at midnight!
Good luck y'all!


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